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Reliable vaccine information: how to find it and why it matters

As a parent, the amount of confusing information about vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases can be overwhelming. It's important to have accurate information and facts so you can decide what's best for your child — and feel confident in your decision.122

So as you continue your search for answers about vaccines, how do you know what to believe? Here are some tips:

  • Rather than using a search engine, start with reliable sources such as the National Network of Immunization Information (NNii) or the CDC. A list of other trustworthy websites can be found on this page.
  • When you get to a website, check to see if it displays who is responsible for the site and how it is funded. This is another sign of a reliable source.
  • Make sure the author cites the sources where he or she got the information, along with links to these sources. Is information presented objectively, or is it biased?
  • Does the website cite scientific evidence for the statements that are made? Can facts and opinions be easily distinguished?
  • Does the website use mostly anecdotes instead of scientific evidence? If so, it may not be reliable.122

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